How to Date a Single Parent

Single parent dating is challenge for most parents. Finding someone they share a bond with is never easy but finding someone who is prepared to have children in their life and potentially one day become a mother or father figure is far more difficult. In some cases, there are those who fall madly in love with a parent, but aren’t willing to accept the children and it’s a sad situation for everyone involved. However, dating a parent shouldn’t be a frightening thought because if you really love someone or believe there is a chance for happiness, you should make a move before it’s too late. Learning how to date a single parent is relatively easy as long as you are willing to explore your emotions first.

Are You Ready To Date A Single Parent?

It’s very different being in a relationship with someone with children than someone without as the child will always be top priority. You must understand this before taking a step into single parent dating and it will be necessary to ask yourself some serious questions. Are you ready to date someone with children? Do you feel comfortable knowing one day, if the relationship becomes serious, you’ll become a part of the children’s lives? If you cannot answer them honestly you aren’t ready to date a parent. Single parenting is tough enough without having someone coming into their lives and not looking for true commitment.

Set up Dates Which Works around a Child’s Schedule

Babysitters are expensive and putting money matters to one side, parents like to spend evenings with their children, especially if they are at school all day. Parents need to make sure the children are fed, bathed and their homework is done (not to forget putting them to bed) and evenings are sometimes all they have. Time is precious to every parent and you need to be willing to work around the children for single parent dating. Instead of setting up an evening date, opt for a lunch meeting. A lunch date can still be intimate and you can enjoy each other’s company too. Also, parents don’t miss anything and if you are able to work around a child’s schedule, it’s much easier for everyone.

Get To Know One Another Before Taking the Step of Meeting the Children

Too many parents believe they have found the perfect match and rush to introduce their new partner to their children. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, the relationship ends on a sour note. Introducing someone to a child one day and in a matter of weeks removing them from their lives can be wrong, not to mention extremely confusing for the child. It’s important both the parent and yourself wait until you both feel it’s the right time to meet the child and hopefully you are in the serious commitment phase. Single parenting is never easy and things can be made much more difficult by rushing the introduction more tips and information at

Understand Parents Have Certain Priorities

There are going to be certain priorities parents will have that you don’t and you must be ready and willing to face them. Single parenting is all about prioritizing and sometimes that will mean shrugging a romantic getaway in favor of spending time with the children. It may not be something you like but that is a part of parenting so you must be willing to compromise. Also, be aware you may not be their top priority but that doesn’t mean to say you aren’t important to them; it means their children mean the world to them.

You Must Be Yourself and Honest

Date a Single Parent

Whether you are in the first stages of dating or have moved into a serious relationship, it’s necessary to ensure you’re being totally honest about whom you are. There is no point being fake, children can pick up on it, and if you can’t be yourself then you’re wasting everyone’s time. Single parent dating is not about meeting someone who says what they want to hear, but who is just themselves and who can be honest about what they want and what hopes they have for the relationship.see additional tips on this blog post.

Dating Shouldn’t Be Emotionally Draining

You may never have given thought about dating a single parent but is that such a terrible idea? Of course not, they are regular people but they do have added responsibilities so the dating experience may differ from what you are used to. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s something you do if you feel you’ve met a special person and hope to get to know them more. Single parent dating can be a wonderful thing if you have found the right one for you.

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