5 Common Single Parent Fears

No-one said single parenting was easy. It doesn’t matter if you have two people raising a child or one, there will always be obstacles to overcome and you always have fears. You are the one who have the responsibility of a child and that is frightening. However, do you know the five most common single parenting fears?Read more topics at http://www.oursistersplace.ca/date-single-parent/

You Are Going To Make a Mistake with Their Upbringing

There are a variety of ways in which you can raise a child. Do you raise them as a Catholic or do you allow the child to decide their own religion? Do you send them to private school or public school? So many decisions need to be made and often, parents fear they are making the wrong decision. It’s frightening, because you help shape the child’s life and a single parent family always fears they’ll make the wrong decision.

The Children Will Hate You Because Of the Absent Parent

Single parenting is never easy and sometimes you can have the fear of having only one role-model. Worse still, you can believe the children will blame you because the other parent is absent. This is a terrible fear but one in which every single parent worries about.

Not Being Able To Provide For the Children Financially

Money is tight for everyone and when you have children to provide for but have only one pay check every month, it’s certainly a worrying thought. A common fear for almost every single parent family has to be whether or not you’ll have enough money to provide for the children. Will you have enough money to pay for school fees and school equipment? Will you be able to send the children on school trips? Will you be able to feed and clothe them? These are all valid points and ones every parent struggles with.

Not Spending Enough Time with Them

Finding a balance between work and family time can be tough and often, single parents are left fearing the balance is tipped too far in one direction. Having a fear you aren’t spending enough quality time with the children is very common amongst many families. You don’t just want to spend time with the children doing their homework but with them playing and enjoying movies. Single parenting always requires a balance and it’s so easy to fear you are too busy at work to focus on the children.

Who Will Look After Children If Something Happens To You

Single Parent

A single parent family constantly fears what would happen to the child or children should something happen to the parent. What if you fell ill and became unable to care for the children or if you unexpectedly passed away? Who would step into your shoes and take charge? This is something which every family thinks about and it’s certainly a valid fear. You always want to know if anything were to ever happen to yourself that there would be a guardian to take care of the child.For more updates,

Overcome Your Fears

You are going to worry and stress out about the children and those fears will constantly be in the back of your mind. However, if you only concentrate on those fears only then you will never enjoy your child’s childhood. You have to find a way to overcome your single parenting fears to become a better parent.

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